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Where your journey through South Africa transcends the ordinary and transforms your life. With our unparalleled access to hidden gems and exclusive locales that most tour operators cannot reach, we offer you more than just a trip – we offer a sensory immersion into the heart of Africa.



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Taste the rich flavors, hear the vibrant sounds, smell the untamed wilderness, feel the diverse textures, and witness the breathtaking sights of South Africa.

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We are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences that leave lasting impressions. Book your Authentic African Experience today and discover the wonders of Africa like never before!

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Travelers choose us for our personalized individual and group tours that cater to your unique preferences and interests. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Additionally, we offer regular discounts for travelers, ensuring that your journey is both memorable and affordable.

Popular Experiences

Township Experiences

R 1250 per person
  • We take you on a journey through Cape Town's townships, including key areas that made the city what it is today.

Township Walking Experience

R 0 Dependant On Pax
  • An on-foot around Cape Towns oldest township, starting off at an iconic tourist centre and then immersing in the culture lifestyle and ambience of Langa

Township Night Experience

R 950 Per Person
  • An authentic experience at a premium Chisa Nyama and entertainment mecca called Rands Cape Town in Khayelitsha
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"I really enjoyed the walk around the Langa township. I got to understand the deep cultural heritage and background of the place and was a truly immersive experience." I highly recommend this tour for anyone looking for a real and rich African tour experience
Charan chowdary
Charan chowdary
@Charan chowdary
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"Amazing experience it was. Peter, Theo and there Team was very supportive and explored all the real African authentic experience of how the people live in their day to day life. Visited oldest township of Capetown - LANGA. Meet many talented people like handcrafted, musicians and drum specialists."
Matthias A
Matthias A
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"Peter not only showed us the townships. With his tour we got a real insight into the living there. During the trip you recognise that he lives there and is connected to the people."